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Q. What are the banners and ads you see on iraparenting.com?

The banners and advertisements you see are paid messages provided by companies, rendered on our website by globally trusted digital ad platforms and affiliate programs. For complete list of our ad and affiliate partners, please see below. 

Q. Why are there banners (and ads) on this website?

We are currently funded in a number of ways including through advertisement banners and commission earned through our affiliate program. In order to continue to provide access to a wide range of free, high-quality content and digital resources, we are always exploring new and responsible ways to expand our funding. The digital ad platforms or affiliate programs that we have partnered with, do not have any control over, or involvement in, our editorial process.

Q. How does Ira Parenting recommend a product?

Our product recommendations (affiliate) are made through a rigorous process that involves research, gathering feedback from product users and in some cases testing the product. Our goal is to help parents make good buying and purchase decisions. Our team comprises of young parents who often use the recommended products in their own homes. 

Q. Does affiliate commission make you biased?

No. Our interests are completely aligned with those of our readers. If our readers return the product back to the retailer, because they are dissatisfied with it, we do not make any commission. Losing the trust of our readers by recommending them inferior products hurts our short and long term business interests. We only recommend products that parents on our team would readily use in their own home. We pride ourselves on following rigorous ethical standards, and we maintain editorial independence from our business operations.

Our Partner Ad Platforms & Affiliate Programs

  1. Google Adsense Platform for Publishers
  2. Amazon (India) Affiliate Program


While iraparenting.com makes every attempt to ensure that banners (or advertisement) adhere to our specific content guidelines, please be aware that when you click on a banner, you will leave our website. These sites may differ from us in editorial approach, technologies used, and privacy guidelines. It’s important that you make yourself aware of other sites’ privacy policies and your browser’s security settings when navigating the Internet.


We encourage you to provide any feedback you might have about banners or other advertisements. This feedback will inform how we evolve our online sponsorship programs and other aspects of the website, moving forward. Your inputs would be valued.

Last Updated: 20 Jan, 2020

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